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3 Reasons To Move To Montanita, Ecuador


Montanita, Ecuador is the perfect location to explore the Spanish culture. It's also a destination of enjoy a laid back lifestyle filled with surfing, wildlife watching and festivals. If you're not into dancing in the streets or simply having a friendly conversation with the inhabitants, Montanita isn't for you. But if you're ready to experience all that Montanita offers, keep these three reasons to move there in mind.

Surfing and More

Although the name Montanita translates into "small hill", this beachside location is far from it. Located in one of South America's most popular countries, Ecuador, Montanita is a tropical, beach paradise for many who dare to explore it.

Montanita is a coastal town that boasts some of the most exciting surfing opportunities in the world. In fact, Montanita attracts surfers and thrill seekers throughout the year, including those who participate in the town's many surfing competitions. The waves reach as high as 3 feet in the summer but quickly swell up to 6 feet or higher in the colder seasons.

The best location to surf is in "Little Montanita", which sits on the northern portion of the town's coast. Many of the most experienced surfers meet at this location to hit the waves, body surf, or simply chat and hang out. It's a great place to meet new friends or surfing buddies when you move to Montanita.

If you're not a comfortable on a surfboard, don't worry. There are chances to learn the craft from the many surfing camps dotting the town's bustling beach. But if surfing just isn't for you, take a wildlife tour by foot or boat instead.

Gorgeous Scenery and Wildlife

Whether you take a wildlife tour by foot or boat, you'll find much to see in and around Montanita. If you want to explore the town's marine life, sign up for a whale-watching boat tour. The humpback whale tours generally operate June through September, but the times can change every year. You should ask your real estate agent for more information about this marine tour and others like it when you speak to him or her.

If you wish to see the town's native land animals and birds, you'll need to travel away from the town to do so. Some of the wildlife live in the mountains located close by the coastal town. Other animals, like sea lions and boobie birds, live on the islands surrounding the town, such as Isla La Plata.

To visit any of the islands, schedule a boat tour with the town's visitor center instead of hiring a fisherman to take you. Professional tour guide operators can make sure that you get to your destination on time, as well as provide opportunities to dine and shop while you're on your tour.

Clubbing and Dancing 

There many things to do in Montanita during the evenings and nights, including dancing and bar hopping. Most inhabitants of Montanita stay up late, so the clubs stay open until early the next morning. If you enjoy an active nightlife, then Montanita is definitely for you. 

Although Spanish is Montanita's native language and culture, other cultures from around the world come to the town to party. You can enjoy Jamaican music, European house music, and many other types of music at the clubs in the town and along the beach.


You must try the local cuisine in Montanita. The eateries in the town and on the beach still offer traditional Ecuadorian dishes, such as cuy. Cuy is a popular roasted dish made with guinea pig, potatoes and rice. Although the dish is unique, it's served throughout the town because many people love it. Cuy is just one of many delicious meals you can enjoy day or night in Montanita.

When you're ready to move to Montanita, contact your real estate agent for more information about Ecuador homes for sale, the town and the things you can do once you arrive there. 


17 April 2015