Making Travel With Kids Easy and Pleasant

Strange beds and the excitement of experiencing a new space can make hotel lodging a little hectic when it comes to traveling with children. It's a good idea to make a few preparations before traveling to ensure order and relaxation when you get to your hotel, as opposed to stress and mayhem. Bringing along a special lodging bag full of entertainment, snacks that encourage relaxation, and a few other amenities can make a big difference in how well your children behave while spending time in the hotel room. This blog is designed to offer parents useful tips and tricks for traveling with kids, and for making the most out of lodging no matter what accommodations may be available.

Not Just for Royals: Pheasant Hunting 101


If you think of pheasant hunting as a decadent pastime only enjoyed by English royals cavorting in the countryside decked out in expensive clothes like in scene in "Downton Abbey," think again. Nowadays, hunting the game birds is a pursuit available to anyone with a hunting license and a rifle. In fact, you can even organize hunting trips at lodges that provide everything you need, from housing to the dogs you need to help track the birds. If you are interested in pheasant hunting, the following guide can serve as your primer to the pursuit and cooking the bird.

Why Pheasant?

While many associate pheasant hunting with European aristocrats, the activity dates back thousands of years. The animal resembles a chicken with a long and pointed tail.

In addition to being a great bird to hunt, pheasants are also a tasty and nutritious main course for meals. The birds contain half the fat of a similar portion of beef. Pheasant meat is full of vitamins and minerals. It is an excellent source of B vitamins, calcium, selenium, potassium, phosphorous and iron. In fact, pheasant provides more vitamin B6 than carrot juice and some other game including goose.

Cooked pheasant also contains less cholesterol and saturated fat than beef, turkey and chicken. Skinless pheasant is slightly more nutritious than a portion with the skin.

Hunting Basics

If you want to satisfy a craving to go pheasant hunting but you have never gone hunting before, you should book a few days at a lodge that offers the activity for guests. Since pheasants are now present in just about every state, you can choose to stay close to home or book a hunting trip in another part of the country.

If you opt for a pheasant hunting vacation or get away weekend at a lodge that is on or near a pheasant preserve, you will not have to worry about bringing any hunting supplies including firearms or dogs. You can purchase or rent gear at the lodge and hunt in a group with your friends or other guests with a field assistant to help you on your hunting tour.

Make sure to inquire about the need for a hunting license, especially if you are from out of state. Many states will issue temporary hunting licenses for out-of-state hunters. The lodge personnel will brief you on the hunting season rules such as daily limits and shooting hours. Many hunting lodges also offer other amenities like Wi-Fi, target practice areas and other activities for guests like fishing

Cooking Tips

The biggest difference in cooking pheasant compared to other game and chicken is that you need to cook pheasant longer and at a lower temperature. Use the lowest setting on your grill and place the pheasant meat on the highest rack. You will get the best results when the bird is basted and then cooked with indirect heat. If you want crispy skin, coat the bird with butter before cooking.

Fresh pheasant, eaten with 24 hours of a hunt, tastes the best. However, you can also freeze pheasant meat and use the frozen portions later for a tasty meal. Make sure to defrost the meat for at least 24 hours in a refrigerator before cooking. Like chicken, pheasant can also be cooked rotisserie style coated with butter or olive oil.

Pheasant hunting is no longer a pursuit for the privileged. So, when a Jane Austen movie that depicts the activity peaks your interest, you can simply book a pheasant hunting vacation to satisfy your curiosity. To learn more, contact local hunting lodges to find out when and where to start your pheasant hunting experiencing.


7 December 2016