Making Travel With Kids Easy and Pleasant

Strange beds and the excitement of experiencing a new space can make hotel lodging a little hectic when it comes to traveling with children. It's a good idea to make a few preparations before traveling to ensure order and relaxation when you get to your hotel, as opposed to stress and mayhem. Bringing along a special lodging bag full of entertainment, snacks that encourage relaxation, and a few other amenities can make a big difference in how well your children behave while spending time in the hotel room. This blog is designed to offer parents useful tips and tricks for traveling with kids, and for making the most out of lodging no matter what accommodations may be available.

The Benefits Of Renting A Vacation Home


Vacations can be somewhat stressful — the planning, being away from your comforts of home, and not having every single thing you normally use on a daily basis. It's especially stressful if you are traveling with your family. If you're staying in a hotel room, your kids might get a little stir crazy in a small room, and you may get a little stir crazy as well. Vacationing in a rental home may be a better option for you and your family to help ease some of the stress a bit. See below for some benefits of renting a vacation home.

More Space

At your own home, you can take a break in another room, get some air outside, or just have your own space to get away from a minute or two. At a hotel, you most likely have one large room with little privacy. With a vacation rental, you have an entire house with multiple bathrooms and bedrooms (depending on the size of the house). You can step outside to get some fresh air if needed without needing to wait for the elevator or running down stairs to get outside. 

Fur Babies Welcome

Most hotels do not accept pets, meaning you have to leave your fur baby at home or boarding facility, which means extra money for you. With vacation rentals with places like ​​​Blind Bay Hideaway, LTD. you can find a place that welcomes pets, often times you have to pay a little extra, but at least your fuzzy family member gets to enjoy vacation time with you as well.

Outside Areas

You usually can't grill out at a hotel, or enjoy a night under the stars right outside your door. Sure you can have a balcony hotel room, but it may be too small for your entire family to enjoy at once. At a vacation rental, you can do all of these things, while enjoying the nature that surrounds you. You usually have better views with a vacation rental than you do with a hotel, as hotels are surrounded by more hotels.

Less People

Vacation homes are more intimate, so you don't have to hear the sounds of people running up and down the hallways in a hotel, or hear your neighbors next to or above you. At a vacation home, it's just you and your family (and whoever else you invited). If your vacation home has a pool or a hot tub, you don't have to wait your turn for these amenities, they're yours to enjoy.

Less Expensive

If the other benefits haven't convinced you yet, this one should. A vacation home is usually less expensive. You aren't paying for housekeeping to come to clean your room each and every day, or for those other conveniences and amenities you would normally be paying for at a big hotel. Vacation rentals are ideal if you have a large family or big group going on vacation together.

Renting a vacation home is a great way to vacation. Look into renting one for your next trip — you won't be disappointed.


20 March 2017